Mar i cel


I have to confess that another of my passions is musical theater and wherever I can (and I have money) I try to go to the theater to enjoy a good play.

Mar i cel (Sea and Sky) is a play written by Angel Guimerà in 1888 and it was adapted to a musical in 1980s by Dagoll Dagom. On Thursday I had the opportunity to enjoy their show and I totally fell in love. I loved everything about the play, since the story, the characters, to their way of singing and the ship <3. (I only hated the old women that were sitting behind me that would not stop speaking AAAARG learn to be quiet before going to the theater please hahaha).

Mar i cel narrates the story of Saïd and Blanca, a Muslim pirate and a Christian girl that fell in love in the 17th century after the Muslims were expelled from Spain.

If you want you can listen to the songs in the Dagoll Dagom’s spotify profile and if you happen to be in Barcelona I totally recommend you to attend to their show and you will also fell in love with them  like me, if you want you can get your tickets here.


Saïd el amor que ens ha salvat ens uneix més que abans encara.

El mar i el cel com tu i jo són, són com dos punts que mai es troben.

El mar i el cel, al horitzó són dos que es troben i es confonen, sempre esperant una altre nit.

Aquella nit que els ulls et tanca.

Per retrobar-te a tu Saïd.

Per retrobar l’amor de Blanca.

Per respirar amb el teu alé.