Addictive and wonderful : the experience of reading the Harry Potter series & Charming and bewitching : considering the Harry Potter series.


This last semester I took a course about the Harry Potter Series at university, it was called “Cultural Studies in English: The Harry Potter Series”. First of all we focused on general theory about cultural studies and after that we started talking about Harry Potter. In this course we dealt with topics as interesting as the construction of the hero, gender issues, racism in the wizarding world, social prejudice, … and we even dealt with fan-fiction and the copyright issues. I have to say that I consider this course one of the most interest ones that I have taken in my degree (at least while I studied in Barcelona).

One of the assignments that we had to do was writing about our experience reading the series for the first time (in most cases it was when we were around 7-9 years old but not all of us shared the same situations), with these papers our professor edited an e-book called “Addictive and wonderful: the experience of reading the Harry Potter series“, that if you want you can download it for free here. Don’t worry it is in English, in order to download the document you just have to click on the cover of the e-book. The final result is a really emotive read where we all share our situation reading the books, our first impressions, fears, obsessions, and so on. 

Our final paper for the course was writing an academic article about different subjects regarding the series. In my case I had to write about whether or not was Harry Potter appropriate for children but there are also articles about xenophobia, Albus Dumbledore as a manipulator, slavery, heroism, power structures, discrimination, etc. This volume is called “Charming and bewitching : considering the Harry Potter series” and if you want you can download it  for free here

I hope that you enjoy these volumes if you download and read them.

The links again: The first volume and the second one. 

“The stories we love best do live in us forever.
So, whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

J. K. Rowling.