New laptop & 2015’s reading goals.

My 8-years-old laptop was a pain in the ass lately, for that reason I got a new one for Christmas 😀 (well, actually the 6th of January), this means that now I will be able to write more and use more this blog. That laptop has been a faithful friend all these years but at the end it was quite slow, loud, and unreliable.

I am sorry that this Christmas I have not updated the blog but I have not really read a lot and I have not gotten many new books D: My boyfriend gave me as a gift the book that the TV series “Orange is the new black” is based on.


yep, that’s Amsterdam’s flag.

Sorry, it is in Spanish (I do not normally read in Spanish though) but the title in English is Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison a memoir by Piper Kerman. She tells her story of drug trafficking and the year that she spent in a women’s prison. I have had not time to start reading it but I really enjoy the TV series so I think that I will probably enjoy it (I do not know how but I did not know anything about the book [!!!]).

Right now I am currently finishing How to kill a Mockingbird and I have fixed a reading goal for this 2015, I will try to read 50 books this year, I think that is totally plausible and if I overtake it I can always extend it. If you want to see my reading progress you can add my to Goodreads! I will try to include some books of the Rory Gilmore’s reading list but I will talk about that in another entry.

Moreover I have added some new books to my Kindle with the hope of being able of reading them soon. I have added some YA novels (like Fangirl, Landline and, Attachments) and some classics like Anne of Green GablesLes Miserables, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I have probably already told you about that but I finished The Diviners by Libba Bray and I totally love it BUT I thought that the next book was already out and it is not, I hate thaaaat now I have to wait until is published and ashsdgjgh I want to read it asap. From what I know it will be called The Lair of Dreams and I have to confess that I do not really like the cover of the sequel. Come on, I love the style of The Diviners’ cover and the cover of the sequel is so different…

I am not saying that it is ugly or anything, it is just that, for me, it clashes with the previous one. Anyway, I am sure that I will love the novel so no problem.

Well sorry about all the rambling, I hope that you have enjoyed this new entry 😀 I will probably write a new one soon about fanfiction or about Rory Gilmore’s reading list. See you soon!

Listening: Elastic heart – Sia
Drinking: Apple and maple syrup tea.